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How to install locally python on linux home directory?

  I’m really hapless to have a full equipped linux server with full new and latest versions of the needed apps. But that does not mean I’ m not able to have my own heaven. :) I can search and learn new things how to compile and install apps that i need on linux although I’m not a linux expert. Thanks to community shares their info with world.

  Recently, I needed to run a python script (youtube_uploader) on ekman server; but script needed python version 2.6 or higher. Server had python 2.4.3. It was time to install my own copy of python again as grads or 7zip. Searches on google gave me mostly installation procedures as root user; however I’m not root and I had to install on my local home directory; except this post.[1] Read more »

How to locally install 7zip in home directory on linux

There is command line version named p7zip of 7zip for linux users. Actually, this is my favorite compression tool and I wanted to install it in my home directory on a CentOS distribution. It took a little bit while to figure out how to install it in my home directory. Obviously, I don’t have root privileges on that machine; so I’ve to accomplish this task locally. Read more »